Where is everybody?

On September 5th 2014 our lease was up. Like most local small business we were priced out. The rent increase was just too high for us to sustain the high level of service without any price increases.

As we hunted and scrambled throughout the area (with no success) a patient suggested a very temporary plan until “something comes up”.

On January 20th we officially closed our doors at 537 5th Ave.

Since then BE has been working remotely from an office building on 20th street.

This is NOT a retail setting. It’s an office space that we’re using ┬áspecifically for showcasing frames and for patients to pick up their eyeglasses and contacts.

new space 3.1

The New Space

Until we have an optometric space, Brooklyn EyeWorks will no longer be administering eye exams.

If you’re in need of an eye doctor we can refer you to the best eye docs based on our patients’ experience.

Before moving forward, we sent a survey via email, Facebook, and Google +, with our intentions of servicing our patients and clients in this new way.

The Results…

We sent out 9,764 emails.

2, 234 patients unsubscribed without giving any reason.

1,298 patients unsubscribed because they no longer live in the area

972 emails were “bounced back” ( I don’t know what ┬ámeans)

5,260 patients opted in and all wanted us to continue to look for a space in the neighborhood.

One patient stated “Brooklyn Eyeworks is Not a place it’s an experience, what difference does it make whether BE is in a fancy storefront or a cardboard box. As long as the service and care exceed expectations I’ll always be a loyal patient and client”

So many well wishes…. very heartfelt.

One thought on “Where is everybody?

  1. We’re sorry to hear that you closed your Fifth Ave store, and hope you open up again soon in Park Slope or nearby. We’ll follow you wherever you go, though!

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