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Brooklyn Eyeworks!

Thank you Brooklyn EyeWorks for offering such a much needed service. I’ve been in dire need of a new pair of glasses for about 3 months. The problem was every time I would make the attempt to see my nearest eyeglass shops, the service was either lack luster or not accommodating to my schedule. Then a colleague referred me to Brooklyn EyeWorks and their BEmobile service. WOW!!! How cool was this. I made my appointment online at my convenience. I received a call from a live human (lol) not some prerecorded message. Since I didn’t answer the phone, the optician sent me a text.  We finally set a time to meet at my office. I met with Dan and he had about 350 frames in tow! In about an hour I had selected several frames and the price was on par with most NYC premium eyeglass shops. I received my glasses in about 10 days because these were progressive no-line bifocals. When I looked at my invoice I noticed that Brooklyn EyeWorks did not charge me for this added service. When I called Dan he stated that the service is at no cost whether you make a purchase or not. Talk about a happy client experience! Since then I have referred countless people to Brooklyn EyeWorks and every single time, their experiences are the same. Highly recommended.

Holly M.

I highly recommend Brooklyn EyeWorks. I love that they use modern technology (online appointment scheduling, text message confirmation, “light tests” instead of dilation, etc.). Dr. Ritenour is affable & professional: he explains what he is doing and encourages patients to ask questions. The front staff were great: I am VERY picky about my glasses (lens shape, color of rims, wideness of the nose bridge); they helped me find the perfect pair that exceeded my expectations.

Brooklyn Eyeworks!


Brooklyn Eyeworks!

A friend had recommended Brooklyn Eyeworks to me back around 2006.  Since that first buying experience with Danny (and Jessica on subsequent visits), I have gone elsewhere to browse, but always end up going back to them when I’m ready to buy.  And even though I only come in every 1.5-2 years, they always remember me, which I personally find to be very rare in retail businesses these days, especially in NYC.

Despite my highly indecisive nature when picking out frames, they go out of their way to spend time showing me 15+ pairs and provide honest opinions as to how well they fit my face and prescription as opposed to just trying to ‘move inventory’.  They even have you bring several pairs outside with a mirror to see how they look in natural light for perspective – I’ve never come across that elsewhere when shopping for glasses.  They always take a genuine interest in helping to achieve the right look for me.

Regarding price, they have done their best from my experience to provide what I’m looking for within the confines of my budget.  But they proactively tell me to think about my decision and come back or call in a few days before purchasing if I’m not yet sure about moving forward, so there really is no pressure.


As I tend to be skeptical when I read reviews containing only positive feedback, I did want to highlight one challenge I have come across.  The negative for me is that they are not ‘in-network’ for my insurance VSP, which is a bit of a bummer as VSP’s ‘out-of-network’ reimbursement policy is pretty poor.  Though to be open, I prefer unique frames from the smaller, independent manufacturers that Brooklyn Eyeworks carries as opposed to the ‘rebranded’ mass-production lines found in the few optometry shops that actually accept my insurance so that is really more of a jab at VSP.  I tend to use my insurance towards exam/contacts elsewhere, but then always give my eyeglass business to the good souls at Brooklyn Eyeworks.

Face Jewelry

Monica ‎ -

Great troubleshooting, patience, and customer service. They did a great job and are extremely thorough if a problem should occur. I went in to get glasses and contacts, and there are two different exams for that. Dr. Ritenour pays attention and makes sure you get exactly the right kind of lens. They were really busy, but very patiently assisted me in finding the best frames for me. I had an issue with the measurement of something in the focal area and they took a few more measurements before my new indestructible Cryzal lenses were placed into my new titanium frames and polished so it looks like <FACE JEWELRY>!. For the contacts, they do the research for you on finding the most inexpensive and reliable online service. Thank you Brooklyn Eyeworks Optical!!



Everyone there is so extremely nice! It’s so weird to enjoy your visit at the optometrist. I was greeted by Jessica and Danny when I went there for my eye exam. Dr. Spencer Ritenour is young, knowledgeable, and – you know it – nice! Gave my eyes a thorough examination, and gave me a free followup because my eyes definitely needed some attention :(
After the exam, I was ready to choose my frames and lens. And omg it was such a difficult task! But they made it such a pleasant experience. Dr. Ritenour even came out (since he didn’t have a patient) to give his opinions. I think I might have spent like an hour trying to choose the perfect frames. But they were patient and very helpful. I finally found a pair that everyone (sorta) agreed on.
Of course, adding up the cost of the frame, thin lens + no-glare ($100 each option), the bill came out to be pretty ridiculous. Considering I’m a starving med student, I opted out on the thin lens :( They told me to expect the glasses within a week (super efficient!), and I got a text from them 4 days later saying it’s ready :)
When I went to pick up the glasses, I was very nervous, thinking that the lenses are going to be ridiculously thick. But guess what – they upgraded me for free!!! They also fixed my old pair of glasses :)
THIS is why they deserve 5 stars. And this is also why they have loyal customers. If I ever need sunglasses or contacts, I will only go to Brooklyn Eyeworks. Thank you!!

Brooklyn Eyeworks!

Brian. NYU

Brooklyn Eyeworks!

For whatever the reason my original review of Brooklyn Eyeworks isn’t appearing on their list of reviews.  This place deserves serious attention!  In my experience with eye doctors and optical shops this is the only one that truly gets what customer service and hospitality are! My personal experience with Dr. Gonzalez was remarkable.  She’s warm and pleasant; answered all of my questions and never made me feel that I was a pain in the ass!

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  • 12/8/2008
  • It’s really cool to feel that you matter; that you’re not just another “transaction” or “sale”.  I met Danny and Jess (his apprentice) a few months ago when I was visiting from LA.  I was in desperate need  of some replacement contacts because I , as usual, forgot to get a serious supply from 1-800 contacts.  I must have called about 4 or 5  places and all of them flat out refused to help me out unless I purchased a couple of boxes.  All I needed was about 2 pair MAX. The last call I made was to Brooklyn Eyeworks. The guy on the other line told me, as long as he can verify the Rx from my doctor in LA it shouldn’t be a problem.  I was staying in Manhattan and I really didn’t know my way around the trains especially traveling to Brooklyn for a pair of contacts. I managed to find Brooklyn Eyeworks and when I arrived Danny had 3 pair of sample contacts ready for me.  When I asked him how much,  he simply said it’s on him and to enjoy my stay in NYC.  (Pause)  What a generous thing to do.  I’m grateful.   Anyway, the reason I am taking the time to write this thing is because  I was in New York checking out my new crib at New York University.  I never told Danny why I was in city.  Now I’m back and I’m pulling my hair out (prepping for finals). In my brief break, I thought about the kindness of this person and I decided that everyone should go and see Dan and Jessie because they will treat them right.  I just picked up a year supply of contacts and a hip pair of chunky black horn rimed glasses from this place.  I know that with my contacts I can get them online for a few bucks less but you can’t put a price on exceptional care.  I’m a customer for life.

Norman Rockwell Style!

Brooklyn Eyeworks!

Susie B.
New York, NY
Love. Love. Love. Formerly, I thought that glasses were divided into two camps: utterly man-repellent faux science teacher or weirdly cutesy sexy librarian. So, until around 2008 I looked like Lisa Loeb in chem lab gone wrong. So I wouldn’t be seen in them I would take my glasses off when I went out at night accidentally going into men’s rooms and forcing bartenders across the city read entire chalk-board beer lists to me aloud in a sexy voice (that part actually wasn’t so bad).

Then I found Brooklyn Eyeworks and got the first pair of glasses I actually liked wearing (an awesome pair of clear plastic Kala frames) and then, about a year later I got the first pair I ever LOVED (cat-eye philip lim’s). People ask me if they actually have a prescription in them or if I’m just wearing them for fashion. That’s about the craziest thing that I can imagine.

Everyone affiliated with the business is super helpful in a way that harkens back to Norman Rockwell era optometry- letting you try on about a million frames, figuring out the way to get the best deal out of your insurance, scanning and e-mailing RX’s- it’s truly above and beyond customer service.

The most ringing endorsement: I thought the place was so wonderful I took my mom there, and she got outfitted in an awesome pair of ballsy hipster frames. And when we left she said “That’s what getting glasses should be like, I feel so cool!”.

So- this is a place that will get you a pair of frames that suits you perfectly, let’s you see the light- literally- and makes your mom feel cool.


I came into Broklyn Eyeworks based on a recommendation from my co worker. The place is like any other optical. So what’s the big deal and why the many reviews? Why am I taking the time to give this place a review? All I can say is WOW! I really don’t care if you believe any of these reviews (I didn’t) until you get into it with Jessie, Dr. Bazan and Danny. I can honestly say that this tight and sync crew were put together by Divine Intervention. (Either that or they play it off very very well). First off the exam: Dr. Bazan introduces himself and escorts me into his exam room; he then begins to explain every part of the exam process (who does this). I’m so used to the eye doctor just saying “better 1 or better 2″ and that’s it! NOT HERE! After the exam I’m given my Rx and given the option of either ordering my contacts “on-line” or from them. (huh?) (Are they for real?). I needed some glasses and Danny and Jessie pulled out about 20 to 30 pair of specs for me to try on. It was sooooo cool. No pressure to make a rush decision. Dan even took several pictures and emailed them to me. I don’t live in the area so picking up my new glasses was a bit of a problem for me (so I thought). This crazy optician made the trip to Williamsburg and personally delivered my glasses to my house! I am a fan. When I did get my funky Cynthia Rawley frames I couldn’t stop yapping about the phenominal service in this place! Like I said before… I really don’t care if you believe this reviewer, just try it out for yourself. Thank you. Robbi Chase.


All the great things everyone has said about this place are completely true. I’m very indecisive, especially when it comes to picking out glasses. Let’s face it, if I’m going to be wearing something nearly 24/7 (which I will, since my vision is TERRIBLE) right in the middle of my face, it had better look good! Jessica and Dan were super patient and made me feel completely comfortable. They spent TONS of time with me (did I mention I’m indecisive?) and never made me feel the least bit rushed or pressured. Jessica even suggested that we go outside with a mirror to see how the different frames looked in the sunlight – she was so friendly that I felt like we were friends shopping for cute accessories. In fact, the whole time I was there I honestly felt like I was hanging out, chatting with friends, rather than a customer at a store. (They’re obviously friendly people in general – several other customers and folks from other local businesses stopped by while I was there and Jessica and Dan greeted them like old friends – which I guess they are!) They also gave me some great tips on insurance for vision.

The eye doctor was a sweetheart as well. He took his time with me, answered all my questions, and really made me feel comfortable. He explained to me about my eye dryness (which no other eye doctor has ever done, even when I commented on it) and even gave me hope that I may be able to wear daily disposable contact lenses, even with my astigmatism and severely dry eyes! (Why has no eye doctor ever told me about this possibility before???)

I know, some of you don’t care how friendly a place is – you just want good prices on your glasses! Brooklyn Eyeworks is great for that too. They gave me such a sick discount that they had to swear me to secrecy as to the details.

Brooklyn Eyeworks!